Travel advice clinic

Make sure you plan your holidays and travel well in advance, as you may need a course of vaccinations and these can take some months to complete.

The clinic can offer advice on all areas of travel and the relevant vaccinations and malaria tablets that may be needed. We appreciate the traveller can be away for many different reasons and the travel consultation is tailored to these specific needs. Some of the private vaccinations needed for travel can be costly and may need to be budgeted for when costing out your travel abroad.

Download our questionnaire

Download our pre travel questionnaire. Please complete and bring with you to the appointment. When you come to the travel consultations please bring with you any previous vaccination records and your travel itinerary so that your travel health needs are addressed appropriately.

Travel clinic price list

Hepatitis B (course 3 doses)£30.00
Hepatitis B Paediatric (3 doses)£25.00
Yellow Fever (including certificate)£75.00
ACWY Vac£80.00
Rabies (course 3 doses)£60.00
Japanese B Encephalitis (lxiaro-course 2 doses)£120.00
Tickborne Encephalitis (course 2 or 3 doses)£65.00
Tickborne Encephalitis (Paediatric)£60.00
Cholera Vaccine - Dukoral (course 2 doses)£50.00

Vaccines may incur an additional carriage charge when ordered from supplier

Malaria Tablets (price per tablet)